Wooly Valentines Day gift bag

I love Valentines Day! In Denmark we don’t celebrate it so much, but I think the idea of it is nice! Plus, I always think it’s funny to see if my boyfriend remembers it! :-)

Here is a pretty little gift bag. You can make them with your children, and put pretty little rocks inside of them, or a nice piece of jewelry for someone special!

You will need:

Felt, two different colors are nice, but if you want to make it even more special and personal, you can make it with many different colors and layers!

Hot water and green soap

Tin foil

A nice piece of threat to wrap it with

A couple of rubber gloves will also come in handy after a while, since this felting process can be tough on your skin

Start by making the shape you want your bag to be, by curling together the tin foil.

This looks a bit like a long potato. Now, make your felt wet, and make the first layer on the tin foil.

Rub it carefully, until it starts to felt together. Keep doing this, until the foil is completely covered with felt.

Now, take the next color, and do the exact same thing. Make sure you felt it really well, and the layers are well feltet together too.

Make as many layers as you want. When you’re done, cut a cross on the top of the felt ball, so it looks like a flower, and you can take out the tin foil.

Now it’s done. Let it dry, and put a nice rib around it.

I hope you liked this tutorial, and that you could use it! Please get back to me with comments, and questions.

xxx Caroline


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